IcePuck Ice Detection Sensor

Accurate Detection

Connected to the Cloud

LoRaWAN ™ Communication

Easy Installation

Differentiate between surface Ice and Ice in Concrete pores

Can be used on Roadways, Bridges, Runways, Sidewalks, Etc.

About the IcePuck

Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives or are injured in the United States in accidents related to ice formation, especially on roadways and bridge decks. IcePuck is a novel embedded and wireless sensor system for the detection of black ice as well as wet, dry, and frozen surface conditions on roads, runways, bridges, and sidewalks. The IcePuck is made from concrete and can assess surface and near-surface pavement conditions. The measured conditions can be transmitted and communicated in real time using advanced LoRaWAN ™ technology.


The IcePuck can be retrofitted into existing pavements or embedded in new pavements (or bridge decks). For retrofit applications, a 4-in coring bit is used to remove a cylindrical section of the pavement where the IcePuck sensor would be installed. A mounting hardware/plate can be used to hold the sensor in place and maintaining even surface with the surrounding pavement. Figure below illustrate the embedding of the IcePuck into existing pavements.